Here is a little bit of stuff:

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Microkernel x86 Operating System

Source code:
Languages: Mostly C and x86 Assembly || Worked with a teammate for an Advanced OS course
• Built basic kernel; provided OS memory handling (allocating/freeing memory).
• Provided inter process communication (process<->process, kernel<->process) through system traps/interrupts.
• Built device driver handler and integrated keyboard (communication using interrupts) for the operating system.

Social media for comics lovers

Source code:
Languages: Mostly JavaScript, HTML, CSS Database: MongoDB || Worked with 3 teammates, Agile (Scrum)
• Implemented login and registration using tokens, drawing and editing comics as a front-end functionality and also the ability of following users, comics, collections, befriending users, commenting, rating and saving comics.

FTP Server

Source code:
Languages: C || Worked with a teammate for an Internet Computing course
• Using C socket programming created a simple FTP server that any client could access.
• Coded and provided basic FTP server commands for many clients at once. Commands supported: LIST, USER, QUIT, PASV, CD, MODE, TYPE, STRU, RETR (download files).