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University of British Columbia Graduation ceremony: May 2019
B.Sc., Major in Computer Science
• Outstanding International Student Award
• Full-ride Scholarship for academic and extracurricular achievement
• Relevant courses: Machine Learning and Data Mining, Advanced Operating Systems, Computer Graphics, Internet Computing, Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis, Intelligent Systems, Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering • Activities: Numerous hackathons (more than 15-20), CS research seminars, ML reading group, VP of AzSA

Work Experience

HAT Medicine Clinics – Web Developer May - August 2017
• Worked on front-end quality assurance, redesigning old user features based on user needs, and implementing new features using different APIs for a better user experience.
• Collaborated with the CEO and CFO of HAT Medicine Clinics and implemented their suggested structural improvements to their company website.

Computer Science/Programming Instructor June - August 2017
• Taught the basics of computer science with fun examples to a group of 14 high school and middle school kids.
• Students built a snake game, spaceship game and also wrote a solver for Sudoku with my guidance, imbuing them with the fundamentals of algorithms and object-oriented design within a short span of time.

Relevant Projects

Microkernel x86 Operating System
Source code:
Languages: Mostly C and x86 Assembly || Worked with a teammate for an Advanced OS course
• Built basic kernel; provided OS memory handling (allocating/freeing memory).
• Provided inter process communication (process<->process, kernel<->process) through system traps/interrupts.
• Built device driver handler and integrated keyboard (communication using interrupts) for the operating system.

EarthQuick (Lab earthquake timing prediction using machine learning)
Source code:
Python, HTML, CSS, Azure
• Was invited to present on stage in front of Microsoft management and other guests in Microsoft Canada HQ • Learned various machine learning models and worked on applying them • Built the web app through which users can interact with our model

FTP Server
Source code:
Languages: C || Worked with a teammate for an Internet Computing course
• Using C socket programming created a simple FTP server that any client could access.


Languages: English, Russian, Turkish and Azerbaijani
Tech: Tech: Node.js, Agile (Scrum), MySQL, TypeScript, C, C++, Java, Python, JavaScript, SQL, HTML, CSS, Git, OOP, React